Do you want to Increase your Homes worth?

Can I increase my homes worth in a Sellers Market? There are many things that we can do as home owners to bring up the value of our home in all types of markets. Often we put it aside because we are too busy or just don’t want to put out the extra cost right now. Planing and preparing your home for sale can be very beneficial, don’t leave yourself wishing you did. Below we have listed some ideas to help you.

Add Fresh Paint:

Go out to the store and buy a $25 gallon of paint. Fresh paint in a home is going to brighten up the area and have a more cleanly appearance. If you are especially considering selling we would definitely recommend thinking of the colors you will be applying to the walls before purchasing. Many people have different opinions how to decorate their home and what color scheme to use. This is why we would recommend choosing a neutral color for your new fresh look.

Planting Trees and Shrubs:

The very first thing someone notices about your home whether it be walking by or walking up to your entrance is how the outside appearance looks. People look for a nice “curb appeal”. This is why we are recommending planting some trees and shrubs around the property. If you wish to take a cheaper route you could purchase some soil/mulch to add into the gardens you already have to liven the look. Remember even the little things like cutting your grass regularly through out the summer will help your overall curb appeal.


With summer right around the corner don’t be afraid to open your windows and let the natural light shine though your home. There is nothing nicer then being able to walk into a room and not have to flick on a light because its already so bright! Don’t have those big windows in your home to provide the natural light? That’s OK! How about adding some fun lamps to bring the needed light into the rooms in your home. If you’re not looking into dealing with an electrician and don’t like the lamps idea, you can always reach out to Pinterest for a lot of great DIY ideas.