Is Your Home Ready For This Market?

Spring has sprung! If you are looking to sell your home this spring, now is the time to start preparing!

Do your research!

Get in touch with a knowledgeable real estate professional. They will be able to share important knowledge, such as how much money properties similar to yours sold for in your area. This will help you decide on an appropriate asking price.

They will also be able to tell you how quickly you’re likely to find a buyer. They will also advise on how quickly you are likely to find a new home to buy for yourself. If you sell your home in a market where there is low inventory (what the Waterloo Region is going through now) you may want to buy first to secure your next move.


Remember, you will be showing your home to prospective buyers. They need to be able to see themselves living their ideal life in your home. Not necessarily see how you live yours.

All of those magazines, family photos, and dog toys you have lying around the house. Put them away. Buyers want neat and tidy, they don’t want to see pictures from your high school graduation. Take show homes, for example, they are always clutter-free.

 Home improvements.

So, doing a complete overhaul of your home might be a little excessive if you’re looking to sell up. But there are always small adjustments that can be made to make your home look more appealing to buyers. And even up your asking price a little.

Not sure where to get started, this is where your real estate professional can come in handy. An experienced realtor can help you put your to do list together.  Sometimes just small changes, like a fresh lick of paint over the front door, and sparkly new grouting in the shower can make the world of difference to how your home looks. Curb appeal is essential!

 Get packing.

I know. Packing sucks. And it sounds a little premature to pack before you’ve even put your home on the market. But you probably have cupboards and cupboards of stuff you don’t use on a daily basis that can be sorted through and organized.

It will make the job seem much less intimidating when the time comes to actually move. And it will help with the clutter issue, too.

Pick the right real estate agent.

Check out those that have experience in selling properties similar to yours and are well known in the area. Feel free to conduct interviews, remember you’re the one hiring them. The right agent can make a huge difference to the speed and overall profit of your sale – so choose wisely.

Don’t wait until the spring market is in full bloom. Start getting yourself together now and you’ll be quick off the mark come selling time.