Painting Tips for Sellers!

Painting Tips for Sellers!

Painting your house before selling it is one of the best ways to get it sold faster and for a better price. But this only applies if the job is done the right way. Otherwise, sellers could hurt their chances of getting their home sold quickly, and they may need to take a price reduction to generate interest. Fortunately, there are some tips sellers can follow in order to make sure their home is painted right.

Match the Neighbourhood Colours

Whether a seller likes the colours in a neighbourhood or not does not really matter. They’re going to be moving away. When a house is re-painted, it should follow the basic colour scheme of the neighbourhood so it blends in and does not stand out in a way that is not appealing to buyers. Homes that are painted bright or unique colours often have more trouble selling.

Make Sure to Prep the Right Way

A home has to be prepped before painting, or the new paint may not look right when it is done. For sellers who are re-painting their homes, the prep work can be more important than the final coat itself. It may be necessary to scrape the old paint off, pressure wash the house, make repairs, or otherwise make changes, especially if the seller is changing the colour.

Take Your Time

Taking your time with painting is important. While it is understandable that sellers want to get the home painted and on the market, doing a sloppy job can reduce the home’s value and make it less likely to be sold quickly. Cutting corners and being in too much of a hurry can mean the job does not look as nice, and that buyers will be less interested in the home.

Focus On the Details

Details matter, and when a seller does a good job painting trim, around windows, and other small areas where detail is required, the paint job looks much better overall. That can mean the difference between getting it sold quickly or having it sit on the market for a long time.

Ask For Help!

There is no shame in asking for help, or asking what someone else thinks of the job that is getting done. By doing this, sellers have a better idea if they are on the right track when it comes to painting their house, so they can keep it looking great. A well presented home can offer sellers a competitive edge in a busy market!

Know When To Hire a Professional

In some cases, it is better to hire someone else. Big houses that are very tall or intricate, or houses that have specific problems or issues that have to be addressed, may be better off with professional painters. That is something for a seller to keep in mind before they start buying supplies.

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