Picking a Realtor

When deciding to put your home on the market, it is important to choose a realtor that you feel will provide you with the best possible service.  You want to ensure your realtor is qualified, knowledgeable and trustworthy.  These guidelines below will help you conduct an interview for realtors that will leave you with all the necessary information to make the perfect choice.

1) Background and Experience

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their backgrounds; where they grew up, their interests, why they decided to become a realtor etc.  This will help to build a personal connection with your realtor.

Ask questions about their experience;

  • How long have they been a realtor
  • Where are their strengths ( residential, commercial, first time buyers, investment properties)
  • What services they provide

2) Knowledge of the area

 You want to make sure your realtor is knowledgeable of the area for many reasons when listing your home and/or finding you a home;

  • Knows average sale prices of homes in the area
  • Knows the average time a home is on the market
  • Knows all the nearby schools and amenities, in order to properly market your home or find you a new one

3) Testimonials and Packages

 Don’t be afraid to ask if your realtor has testimonials from past clients.  This is a great way to receive feedback about the performance of that realtor.

You can also ask your realtor to provide you with a sellers or buyers package.  This package should be something for you to keep that outlines your realtors’ background information, experience, statistics of the brokerage and/or the realtor, mission statements, where your home is marketed and what services that specific realtor is willing to provide.

4) Review of Information

Always ensure your realtor is willing to review and explain all paperwork and formalities with you.  You should never agree to, or sign anything without knowing exactly what it entails.

5) Ask Questions!

Make sure you ask any and all questions that you feel your realtor should be able to answer.  Don’t let you interview end with any questions unanswered.  A good realtor should be able to make you feel comfortable and certain about your decision!